Friday, April 14, 2017

Making Charcoal from wood

Tree Trunk and Branches for Kiln
Recently I decided to plant a Pineapple grove on some of my land that was unused for some time. when I visited the land I noticed there were a number of opportunities available to me before I even started the business of planting pineapples. 

There were Cedar Lumber trees Blue Mahoe and Spanish Elm or American Cedar ripe for Lumber, I struggled with the idea of having to cut these Trees because this would setback my initial plan to get the Pineapple plantation going. I consulted with a friend who advised me there were people who could cut the trees and get the Lumber the these trees would produce.

Trees felled as part of the land clearing

I was in Islington Portland in Jamaica and thought this would be a long drawn exercise however I met one of the guys who cut trees, he came to my land the following day Tuesday I showed him the trees I wanted cut. The gentleman who is known to me as "Lucky" said he would have the job done the following day Wednesday. I was somewhat apprehensive having been told over and over again how hard it was to get things done in Jamaica and how people are unreliable and we can no longer depend on people. 

I went to Port Antonio  that Wednesday morning the wood cutting was the furthest thing from my mind, I spent time taking care of business that I thought were most important. On my return home that evening I had one of the biggest surprises I have ever had or certainly in the top ten all time and that includes winning money when I needed it most,

288 Sq Ft of lumber from the felled Trees
In just about 3 days Lucky debunked the idea that people are no longer reliable in a single act reinforced the confidence that I always had in people, The fact that I paid him immediately for his work should go a far way to assure that work is rewarded. I write this and hope all who read it may share with at least one friend because in that 3 week period my greatest lesson was never give up on people while not disregarding council and advice from others your experience become your best advice, Thanks Lucky! 


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