Saturday, November 12, 2016

Deficits does not Matter,

Massive Conservative  Deficit Spending is Back

This morning I understand House Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell while sabotaging and slowing down the economy under President Barack Obama claiming the deficit at $19 Trillion Dollars was a burden to future generations suddenly does not believe that anymore. 
Both honourable men Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell like all republican administration do have decided DEFICITS does not matter now that a Republican is in the White House. The House and Senate leadership have decided to Add SEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS TO THE NATION'S DEFICIT by way of infrastructure spending and TAX CUT FOR THE RICH AND CORPORATIONS under the Donald Trump administration. 
Under this plan there the only mention of the MIDDLE CLASS is they have proposed that the mortgage interest deductions that home owners now get when you file taxes will go away in other words TAXES will be INCREASED on the middle class. By year 2020 our budget deficit based on the early projections will be at $31TRILLION DOLLARS.
The good news is today 11/12/2016 every American who want a Job can have one despite Republican Obstruction on the Obama Administration the Job Market is the tightest it has been since the Bill Clinton Administration.
Donald Trump is taking over an economy that has produced almost 16 Million Jobs in the past 8years and could have been 20 million Jobs if Republicans did not obstruct the outgoing administration. Wall street is at its best ever on record despite Republicans claiming being strangled by regulations, those on wall street privately welcome the the tighter monetary policy that brought some discipline to the market. 

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