Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Permanently Divided Nation?

This morning I listened to women Journalist on CNN giving excuses why women didn't vote for Hillary Clinton the conversation was pathetic and beneath the values of everything I teach my children and the values I hope they would pass on to my grandchildren. 

Donald Trump during this Election Campaign displayed the worst in human behavior and brought out the worst in America. Donald Trump was classless in this campaign and therefore divided the nation to a point of disrepair. 

Donald Trump's words are no longer words spoken 10yrs ago on a hidden microphone, my 12yr old grand daughter saw Donald Trump on Television degrading and demeaning Carly Fiorina mocking the disabled, disrespecting John McCain who captured while in service in war, telling a Mexican Judge because of his race because of his race he cannot be fair and demeaning black people and and where they live. This is what the American people accepted as normal behavior for someone aspiring to be President of the united States and in fact did vote for Donald Trump. Donald Trump apologised for his Lewd Language on that infamous bus but there are those of us as Parents and grandparents cannot avoid the FLAWED person America now call President elect. 

In reaching this plateau and now on path to holding the highest office in the land and the most Powerful man in world Donald Trump brought America's prestige to the ground and may have Permanently divided this Nation.

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