Monday, September 5, 2016

Why Donald Trump will Lose the Black Vote!

Donald Trump in Detroit Black Church

After 14 months of campaign and Donald J. Trump believing you could win the Election without Black people support , suddenly reality strike it doesn't work that way. Black people and other minorities votes matter, a visit to Mexico and you swaying like a fool in a Detroit Black Church does not do it Mr Trump.

We still remember those (c) on black applicants for your Apartments, No apology for disrespecting the first Black President on his birth certificate, we are not uneducated as you suggest, to characterize us that we still live slums and cannot walk on our streets without getting SHOT is remarkably disrespectful.

Mr Trump you should not have come at all, your coming has only unearth the the bitterness you have spewed about black people while speaking to LILLY WHITE AUDIENCES all over the country. Mr Trump we know you have Lied your way to the Presidential Nomination without Policy.

Remember you got here pandering to who you said are "uneducated Blue collar Republicans" some Black people may be blue collar but we are not uneducated. Barack Obama is President of the United States of America Justice Clarence Thomas is on the Us Supreme Court, Loretta E. Lynch is Attorney General and Colin Powell was the first Black man to hold the offices of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs US Military and secretary of State. Donald Trump we are Black and Proud , you will be Lucky to get 0.01000% of Black people vote.

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