Thursday, September 22, 2016

Visit Winnifred Beach near the Blue Lagoon

Ripples at winnifreds Beach

winnifred beach is Located between the Blue Lagoon and Boston Bay just a mile on from the closed beach where Tom Cruise once juggled bottles in the movie Cocktail, winnifred Beach is one of the most appealing beaches in all of Jamaica Beaches. Found in the Fairy Hill community in the Parish of Portland on the island’s lesser traveled east coast winnifred beach is home to a delightful reefs just offshore that’s not only perfect for snorkeling, but for its clear, calm, bright-blue water justly popular with locals.The official drink of winnifreds beach is the "blue lagoon" representing much of the blue skies that covers Jamaica everyday.

Winnifred Beach is a Global CitizenThe white-sand winnifreds beach stretches along a Rain Forest in the Fairy Hill Bay.

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