Saturday, September 17, 2016

Corruption - Donald Trump gave Pam Bondi $25.000.00

Donald Trump Republican Presidential Candidate

The most investigated public figure in the history of America Hillary Clinton has never been charged with a crime, there is no comparison to her lifetime of work as a Public Figure. Prior to college during and after college her life work has always been about finding solutions and pulling especially people with less opportunity forward and giving them a chance.

Americans will turn a blind eye to admitted CORRUPT individuals like Donald Trump who said, "I give money to Politicians and when I want a favor I call and they deliver". Donald Trump gave Pam Bondi Florida Attorney General a POLITICIAN ($25,000) allegedly in order not to bring a suit against him in the TRUMP UNIVERSITY CASE is not only PAY TO PLAY but possibly BRIBERY.

Pam Bondi Florida Attorney General

In the past this charge alone unless proven otherwise would disqualify the chances of someone running for President but that was when republicans had strong moral ideals.This is the moral that Republicans in America now support open CORRUPTION AND BRIBERY in Government. For the first time in modern history Donald Trump running for President the highest office in the United States is being given a pass on not declaring his Income Taxes. What is Donald Trump hiding from the American people?. The best thing that we as Americans can leave to our children is good moral standards. If Donald Trump were to be elected President of the United States based on the current standard of examination of Mr Trump, America can never look our children in the face with expectation we would have thrown those out with Donald Trump the most ADMITTEDLY CORRUPT BUSINESSMAN we have come to know.

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