Saturday, May 7, 2016

Republican Congress create Anger and Donald Trump

One of the main reason for the anger and discontent in our society is, "people working harder and are taking home less than they did 15 years ago". Stagnant wages for the middle class while Corporations are a-wash in cash buying back stocks and paying executives enormous UN-conceivable wages.

Donald J Trump

Donald Trump says "Americans are paid too much", Donald Trump hire illegal's to work for him in his corporation, Donald Trump ships American jobs abroad at every chance he get, all Trump brand merchandise sold in stores and on the Internet are made in a foreign country by foreign workers and Donald Trump is now the presumptive Republican Party Nominee, there is conflict and or confusion here!. "Is there more to the anger out there or this perceived anger is a real farce perpetuated on the American people". The truth is this any anger that exist is the product of a "do nothing Republican Congress" who were prepared to stall or wreck the US economy because the could not get 100% of what they wanted.

Rep Eric Cantor
Republicans in congress made a mockery of their constituents and some Americans convincing them they could repeal the affordable care act by voting over fifty times for repeal when they know the President would veto the legislation, this was a game to them to get re-elected wrapped in Conservative principles which really meant protect the rich.
Rep John Boehner

That was not leadership hence two prominent Republican leaders became the ultimate victim of the stupidity, first Majority Leader Rep Eric Cantor lost his seat in 2014 election and recently Rep John Boehner resigned as speaker of the house after failing to convince his republican caucus that what they were doing was not governing and they would end up hurting the Republican Party. Now here is Donald Trump a Liberal taking over as Leader of the Conservative Republican Party duly elected by fiscal conservatives, social conservatives and every other conservative stripe bringing the end of conservatism in the United states of America.

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