Saturday, March 19, 2016

Republican Party destroyed from within

Cheers! Republican Party Demolished

Senator Mitch McConnell: "my single and most important task is to make President Barack Obama a one term President"!

Senator:- How about the economic recovery the american people 61% want you to work with the President they have given you a Republican senate and house to get things done and to move the country forward. 

Answer:- 61% The american people their opinion does not matter the election is over, my job is not to allow this President to have a Legacy we will block every legislation he put forward even ones we supported in the past.

Question :- will that not destroy the republican Party? 

Answer:- Obama is the one trying to destroy the Republican Party, we will have to hold onto conservative principles even it create gridlock in the congress.

Question:- Senator will this not create an opening in the GOP for chaos as we get close to the next election?

Senator:- Well our job is to win the White House.

So why is Barack Obama smiling and having a Beer? the republican party set out to destroy President Obama and his agenda and end up destroying themselves and earn Donald J Trump. 

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