Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Places to visit in Jamaica - Bob Marley Museum


The Bob Marley Museum is one of the most visited places in Kingston for tourist, the museum is located at 56 Hope Road once the home of Bob Marley and then converted into Tuff Gong studios Marley's studio and Record Label. After his passing Tuff Gong studios operated for some time and then renamed Bob Marley Museum.


The Museum's was honored to have as a recent visitor US President Barack Obama  in April of 2015 on his maiden visit to Jamaica. President Obama on arrival in made the Bob Marley Museum his 1st stop one his one day visit to the Island. 

Bob Marley was born Robert Nesta Marley in Nile St Ann in Jamaica his early education included attending Stephney Primary and Junior high School in catchment St Ann. while at catchment Marley got an early introduction to music alongside his childhood friend Neville Livingston. At about age 12 or there about Bob Marley moved to kingston with his family and resided in Trench Town.

The move from St Ann to Trench Town could have been disastrous for Bob Marley but he made it a  perfect opportunity, it gave him access to the the world of music in Jamaica where he pursued his craft. Much of Bob Marley's music were stories of life and  living in the Ghettos of Trench town, "Stand up for your right", "cold Ground was my bed last night and rock was my pillow" "Trench Town Rock"  are all  stories of life in the Ghettos of Kingston. 

Marley a Rastafarian by religion or cult  gained international fame was signed to musical contract by Island Records while signed Marley won a Grammy and had several #1 hits on Billboard. After his passing Marley became more famous with estate annual earning in 2015 compared with Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and some of the other top earning artist dead and alive. 

Marley is survived by his wife Rita Marley and international star of some measure and his many children and grand children.   

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