Saturday, March 12, 2016

Donald Trump dividing America and Distroying the Republican Party

Donald J Trump

Donald Trump is spreading hate stoking fear and anger in America by unearthing old dogmas disrespecting long lived traditions Americans hold dear. Mr Trump introduced himself to Americas Political theatre by calling Mexican Americans in the United States Rapist and Drug Dealers. Muslims Mr Trump argued hated America discounting the millions of Muslims who have made the ultimate sacrifice defending the right of Americans here and abroad.

Taking back our country", how many times have we heard that?, since Barack Obama was elected President some people including Donald Trump believe Barack Obama is an illegitimate President. The anger and protest we see at Donald Trump rallies has absolutely nothing to do with Jobs and low income. If that was the case "People would be mad at Donald Trump for refusing to increase the minimum wage and importing immigrants to work in his hotels". 

Donald Trump and 66% of the people who follow him believe President Barack Obama is not a US citizen that is what the anger is about, how shameful. When Donald Trump had the opportunity to create Jobs in America Mr Trump like most unscrupulous American Corporations moved the manufacturing of his apparels to China and Vietnam. Mr Trump sells Shirts, Ties, suits, Socks underwear and other kinds of apparel all made in foreign manufacturing plants.

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