Saturday, February 27, 2016

Jamaica Election 2016 - That is important, Hope!

Growing signs of Unity among Jamaica's Electorate during Election 2016

Everyone is entitled to their opinion as you said. However, you sound very negative. By the sound of it you are not even in Jamaica, so how can you speak for what is happening now as opposed to when you were here? If it is oh so good why did you leave? Food costs in Jamaica are not very different from those in America. The Price for food is only better in the $ stores or when there is a sale. I have done the comparison. 

The salary scale, on the other hand, bears no comparison and that will need to change for people to manage a bit better. The majority of Jamaicans are tired of going to the supermarket and being barely able to purchase basic necessities. They hope that the change will be for the better. That is important; HOPE. The minute there is no hope in any of the parties then all is lost. The PNP were confident that the Jamaican people liked what they were doing to us and the country based on how long we have allowed them to run the country. 
Changing Posture of Jamaica's Electorate

Most people did not vote in JLP because of the promises they made but to get a change, different perspectives for better or worst. The ruling party, whether PNP or JLP, need to be aware that they work for us and if they do not perform then goodbye.We all need to not vote at all if we are unsatisfied with the representation offered and not just vote to get a particular party in. For that matter, as a part of this wonderful democratic process, we should be able to nominate our MPs instead of those stupid die-hearted party delegates. Allegiance to a party name is stupid as the country is run by individuals. Does anyone notice how they jump from one party to the other at the drop of a hat? We are yet to see what Andrew can or cannot do. We already know what Portia can, cannot and will be doing if they continue to pressure her. Let's hope for the best for Jamaica. Patrece Lammie

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