Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Beaches of Jamaica

 Boston bay Beach Jamaica

Your beach vacation to Jamaica could be spent in the all inclusive hotel however exploring beaches across the island is one of the things to do in Jamaica. While your stay may be Ocho Rios just over an hour east is Portland with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the first beach is Somerset Falls and beach at Hope bay.

There is also Frenchman's cove Beach a more private upscale beach on the property of the Frenchman's Cove Hotel, San San beach near the Blue Lagoon a fee for entry Beach serving the Villas of Port Antonio with a Grill and Bar quiet with white and is surrounded by rich shrubbery, vines and tropical palms.

About 1 mile from Blue Lagoon beach is winnifred beach jamaica one of the premier public beaches in the caribbean with its white sand rustic entrance road, tropical rain forest surrounding, 40ft hanging vines, fruit trees migrating birds and a sanctuary for Turtles winnifred beach at Fairy Hill is rated 4* of the best Public beaches of Jamaica.

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