Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Port Antonio Beaches

Boston Beach near Port Antonio

In the North Eastern end of Jamaica are some of the island's most beautiful beaches, Port Antonio Beaches offer visitors and array of different beaches catering each visitors comfort.

The rare black sand beach of Somerset Falls beach makes the curious and inquisitive mind wonder along the beach for its 1 mile stretch along the Hope Bay coast, then walk across the main road to Somerset Falls and explore its Gorges caves and dive in one of its magnificent Pools.

Brayan's Bay Shan Shy Beach at Boundbrook just outside Port Antonio is one of the best kept secrets as a beach restaurant and entertainment center. Inside Port Antonio at the Errol Flynn Marina is Bikini Beach a waterfront restaurant Bar and Grill on the main harbor of Port Antonio. Bikini beach with its adult all night entertainment great music exotoc dancers, beach basket ball and volley ball can keep even an uninterested guest entertained.

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