Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Jamaica Palace Hotel, Port Antonio

Jamaica Palace Hotel

The Jamaica Palace Hotel sits on a ridge just pass Drapers and 4 miles from Port Antonio, the 80 suite and rooms hotel is another of Portland's quiet vacation for kids resort. Its location gives guests access to some of the other exotic coves and beach getaways including Frenchman's Cove beach, San San Beach and the magnificent Blue Lagoon all within 1 1/2 miles if your are willing to take a long walk.

While this Jamaican resort is not a beach front is setting and location offer a clear view of the Caribbean sea Bryan's Bay cove with a clear view of sunrise and sunset later over the Blue Mountains.

The palace hotel one of Port Antonio's bed and breakfast offer a wide range of Jamaican and Caribbean cuisine with continental dishes is great stop on your trip to Jamaica.

Your trip from the Jamaica palace to Port Antonio is four miles with public transportation available 24 hours per day assisted by the front desk on your holiday to Jamaica.

Places to visit Jamaica vacations includes Reach Falls near Manchioneal, Boston beach and Boston Jerk Pork Center in Boston Bay, winnifred beach a public beach at Fairy hill, the Blue Lagoon near San San, Bikini Beach a beach and entertainment center in Port Antonio. Go Rafting on the Rio Grande and visit Somerset Falls just outside hope Bay west of Port Antonio those are just a few of the places to visit in Jamaica.

If your vacation is one for relaxation Portland and Port Antonio in Jamaica should be your first choice, Errol Flynn visited Port Antonio in the 1950s and deemed it heaven on earth lots have changed since then the natural beauty of Portland remain visit Errol Flynn Jamaica.  

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