Thursday, July 16, 2015

Somerset Falls Port Antonio a Jamaica Secret

Somerset Falls Port Antonio Jamaica
Along the North Coast 15 miles from Port Antonio between St Margaret's Bay and Hope is Somerset Falls like Reach Falls another of Jamaica's popular Jamaica destinations and opportunity for cheap holiday in Jamaica. Somerset Falls is lush with tropical vegetation its hanging vines coconut palms and Ginger Lilly with their bright colors welcome visitors every day spring summer or fall.

In the falls area, there is a shelter with some picnic tables situated above the lower cascades just downstream of a large and colorful pool into which the main Somerset Falls flow is a platform. A short boat tour past the main falls into a narrow gorge that turned before revealing Hidden Falls. Prior to boarding a boat tour you may leave your personal belonging in a locker by the dock. If you would like you may take s swim in the large pool area at the start of the boat tour as well as beneath the Hidden Falls.

The tour of Somerset Falls takes you to the untouched caves naturally hewn from the rocks and limestone creepy beautiful sounds of water making music as it cascades toward Jamaicas coast into the Caribbean sea. Unlike most Jamaica beaches the beaches of of Somerset Falls beach is Black sand representing the rich remnants of Volcanic activity of Jamaicas past. 

Your visit to Port Antonio and Somerset Falls beach could be one of your cheap trips to Jamaica enjoying Jamaica cuisine Jerk Pork, Jerk Chicken, escovitch Fish, Natural Jamaican Juices and fruits prepared to order on the beach in the Park at Somerset. 

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