Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Luxury Hotels in Jamaica

Trident Hotel and Villas
Quietly on the Cliffs just outside of Port Antonio is the Trident Villas and Hotel one of the most Luxurious Hotel in Jamaica. The Main building at Trident house 19 luxurious rooms a restaurant bar and lounge with almost 24 hr room service with several of Jamaica villas with outstanding 5 star reviews. A full Spa and fitness center all at the edge of the Caribbean sea are two of the many opportunities toward health and fitness. This is one of the premier places to stay in Jamaica with in house childcare affording a family the vacation of a lifetime this is not a cheap holiday in Jamaica its a luxurious one.

Places around the community to visit includes the blue lagoon and while there the San San and Winnifred beaches. There is also Rafting on the Rio Grande a 2 1/2 hour ride along the Rio Grande river on a Bamboo raft if done at the right time of day take you into the sunset at Rafters rest. 

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