Sunday, June 28, 2015

To do List Jamaica Vacation

Swim the Blue Lagoon
Jamaica has its mysteries foremost its every day 85 degree year round temperature a presumptive laid back population notwithstanding the daily hustles of the communities to make end meet. This proud population is always eager to charm its guests foreign or local to embrace some of the most scenic vacation spots in the world. The Parish of Portland boasts the top 5 destination in Jamaica with the Blue Lagoon #1 and one of the top ten wonders in the world, Blue hole with its natural vegetation unexplained the changes of the water temperature as you swim from one end of the Lagoon to the next the color of the water and mineral springs are just some of the Blue Lagoon Experience.
01) "Blue Hole or the Blue Lagoon" Near Port Antonio! Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world #1 on your vacation, "to do list in Jamaica".

02) "Winnifred Beach"! Support Eco-Tourism when you visit Winnifred Beach, Jamaica's most famous Public Beach.

03) "Reach Falls"! The day spent at Reach Falls will be the best day of your life, soak up its mineral water, climb the falls, discover her mossy slithering Rocks and have a real coconut water.

04) "Rafting on the Rio-Grande" Rafting on the Rio Grande is one of Jamaica oldest Tourist Attraction, A trip down the River on a Bamboo Raft captained by skilled Raftsmen.

05) "Blue Mountain Bicycle Tours"!  Riders are taken to the 5500 foot level of the Blue Mountains at about the midway 2700 feet opportunity is available for shopping and Lunch. The ride is most breathtaking viewing the peaks of the Blue mountain, just one of the places to visit in Jamaica.

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