Thursday, June 25, 2015

Rafting on the Rio Grande

Lovers Rock along the Rio Grande
When Errol Flynn visited Jamaica on vacation he visited the Parish of Portland, the natural beauty its vegetation, Beaches, the common life of its people captivated Flynn. He spent some time visiting various popular spots in Jamaica the North Coast including Discovery Bay, an undeveloped Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. Errol Flynn returned to Port Antonio and was taken to the Rio Grande Valley where ground provision was transported to market on Bamboo Rafts with great imagination Errol thought if Bamboo Rafts could transport Banana's to the Market those same Rafts could take tourists on the most amazing ride into sunset and the Caribbean Sea. Rafting on the Rio Grande was born and Rafters Rest established, 

Rafting on the Rio- Grande is now one of the many vacation attraction in Portland near Port Antonio,  visitors who have gone Rafting on the Rio Grande do so over and over again. "what to do in Jamaica" go Rafting on the Rio Grande near Port Antonio. 

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