Sunday, June 14, 2015

Is Portland out of Step?

Port Antonio Square
Port Antonio the is the most North Easterly Town in Jamaica, Capital City of the Parish of Portland most recent census give Portland a Population of 82,685 of jamaicas 2,706,763 residents in 2011 census results. Portland, braggs its Natural beauty makes it different and should attract development toward tourism and articulture however there ample evidence Portland has lost its tourist appeal and now linger behind Parishes like St Elizabeth and Kingston.

While tourism exploded from Oracabessa to Negril and now White house in Westmoreland with some growth in St Elizabeth, Portland continue to regress with its crumbling tourism infrastructure. Facilities like the Trident Villa Hotel now rebuilt, Titchfield Hotel, Bonnie View Hotel, Frenchman's Cove Hotel, The Blue Lagoon and the Dragon Bay Hotel all remain in ruins or under poor or no management.

Of Jamaica's 14 Parishes Portland with 82,685 resident's is the 3rd least Populated Parish in Jamaica followed by Trelawny 76,107 and Hanover  70,378 with the least residents. Portland has experienced the least economic Growth over the Past 30 years therefore its Residents and the Town of Port Antonio does not attract Private or Public investment. One of the serious setback in Port Antonio is its lack of arable Land for large commercial expansion therefore Portland with some new roads must return to what we know works Tourism but we carefully choose the right partners.

In the Past 30 years Portland's infusion of Capital came from the Construction of the Errol Flynn Pier a Modern Pier to accommodate Cruise Ships only that the pier was built with no plans where these Cruise Ships would come from so the Errol Flynn Pier sits as another white Elephant in the Harbor's of Port Antonio. 

The construction of the College of Agriculture Science and Education was the major investment by the Government of Jamaica in Portland. This college will continue to serve the need of Tertiary Education and Technical Education in Portland. Jamaica Agricultural College and at its optimum reach will be an International Agricultural Institution.

The Happy Grove High School, Fair Prospect High School, Portland High School, Titchfield High School form the need of higher learning in Portland.

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