Saturday, June 20, 2015

Camp and Ride, Cinchona Botanical Gardens Jamaica

Cinchona Botanical Gardens 

Cinchona Botanical Gardens, located at 5000 feet above sea level in Jamaica's Blue Mountains, is surely a suburb of heaven. The gardens is home to several types of orchids as well as other rare flowers Plants and trees, all set among well-kept lawns or gardens or just along the main roads.The views from Cinchona are spectacular, including both Blue Mountain Peak, Catherine's Peak and the Yallahs River valley leading down to the St. Thomas coastline. Cinchona gardens is one of many places to see while backpacking in jamaica, cheap accommodation in the vicinity of the Gardens allow backpackers to spend the overnight. 

Sacred Fragranced abandonment - These wonderful botanical gardens for all their sad disrepair have majesty pedigree. They are named after the once highly prized tree from which came Quinine - the first treatment for malaria.

When we decided to do the State of the Gardens series, which ends today, we left Cinchona Gardens high in the Blue Mountains for last. Not having an inkling of the current condition of Jamaica's four public gardens, Hope Botanical and Gardens, Cinchona Gardens in St Andrew, Bath Fountain and Gardens in St Thomas and Castleton Gardens in St Mary it was not a matter of saving the best for last but this beautiful hidden part of Jamaica the best way we can.

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