Friday, December 13, 2013

Shopping Deals, Employees then Consumers

Employees then Consumers 
 Consumers needed and no longer excited by "shopping deals".
Retailers must understand their employees are also their customers, no longer does the middle class have disposable income to support the excesses of the recent past, shoppers are now more sophisticated and conscious while spending money and narrowing it to only where

Businesses are aware of about 80% of the dollars in the economy daily, weekly and those dollar's are now only meeting the bare essentials of the consumer especially with the price of food and travel accounting for almost 60% of each paycheck there is now a different consumer one driven by meeting daily essentials rather than shopping deals that does not help the family or meet an immediate need.

That different consumer is also the result of the excesses of the past where credit was abused by consumer as well as businesses and came to a crashing head in 2008-2009 with especially the effects of the housing market. There is always the notion that as soon as things get better human beings return to their old habits in this case the fears that consumers face and reality of families loosing their homes have had some effect on the physic American consumer and things are changing shopping deals are no longer good deals.

The failure of Business in the past to acknowledge that its their employees who actively run their business is a seething factor, companies ask for loyalty but become less loyal to its employees every day while asking work harder without additional compensation. These factors are borne out in the recent and continued Job Actions by Walmart employees and other Retail workers, the silence of Big Business to the plight of workers and workers advocate is disrespectful and does not help to allay the fears of workers who business depend on for their success everyday.  

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