Monday, October 28, 2013

"AFFORDABLE CARE ACT Changing the Game for Ordinary AMERICANS"

Affordable Care Act

To put things in proper perspective, some Political Representatives are afraid that the "affordable Care Act Obama Care" will work and make Americans healthy over time then insurance companies will no longer be able to exploit them raising rates at will while unable to drop people with pre-existing conditions.

Americans with the ACA or "Obama Care" will have a choice and no longer have to stay in dead end low paying Jobs like Walmart Stores and other employers who see their underpaid workers as their way to maintaining wealth.

Americans with aspirations and goals can now pursue then knowing that their health insurance will always be there for them and no longer threatened by a loss of employment, a peace of mind never enjoyed by American's before. Middle aged Americans with skills and Training who have been cut out of the Economy by technology and business consolidation and end up working at low paying Jobs like a Greeter at "Walmart Stores" for $8.75per hour to maintain, "Junk Health Insurance" now have a choice. By purchasing health Insurance through "Obama Care, the Affordable Care Act" these American's can now move on and pursue other dreams like starting their own new business taking risks and helping a always grateful Nation. .

Would you believe that this is what all this fuss is all about, "Americans having health Care no one can take away from them"? The Affordable Care Act is changing the Game for ordinary Americans putting them in the drivers seat and "Corporate America" is scared.

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