Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Stupid Hackers! Common Criminals, Fight Back!

Do not let Hackers stop your internet engagement.

My family and friends were subjected to the letter below after one of my e-mail addresses  was hacked, the good thing is most of my friends and family are smart people and wouldn't fall for such a cheap scam. Am sure some thought of all the probabilities and possibilities and were scared for the moment. 

The good thing am always 8-10 hours from communication with most of my friends acquaintances and others with whom I am in contact on a regular basis. The thing to be aware of is, most of us us operate on the internet daily as I do weather at home or at work and today by our cell phone and other devices. 

Do not allow Hackers to scare from getting on your computer or any of these devices that make us more accessible to our friends, our family and cause us to make that extra trip to the Bank or to a department store to pay a Bill because of these common thieves who call themselves Hackers.

The letter below does not represent how I operate as well as its fraught with  erroneous assumptions so my close friends and family took the necessary steps and were assured I was fine.


copy of letter circulated to contacts by hackers.


I'm sorry I didn't inform you about my traveling,am writing this with tears in my eyes, my family and i came down here to Manila, Philippines for a short vacation and got mugged at gun point last night at the park of the hotel where we lodged...All cash,credit cards and cell were stolen off me...I've been to the embassy and the Police here but they're not helping issues at all.

But the good thing is that we still have our passport,our flight leaves today and I'm having problems settling the hotel bills...The hotel manager won't let us leave until i settle the hotel bills , all we need is {$2,500} but anything you could assist with now be helpful now... Am freaked out right now Please reply and let me if can you have the money wire to me through western union I'll surely get the money back to you in couple of days.


  • If you're on the internet have as many friend you want, do not allow the fear of hacking to limit your use of the internet.
  • You are already on the internet, having an e-mail address only allow you to see what everyone else knows about you.
  • The more friends and family you are connected on the internet is the quicker some one will be alerted in an emergency, the more likely you will have a birthday wish and you will never feel alone.
  • Do not let Hackers stop your internet engagement fight back, be smart do not fill out solicitations from companies you cannot verify,
  • Do not share your password and personal information with anyone.
  • If you have to enter  your social Security Number  on line only do so if its encrypted. 
  • get a reliable Anti Virus protection to protect your computer these we know are not 100% fool proof but will reduce the damage if your system is attacked.

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