Monday, June 24, 2013

Arnella Flynn in Jamaica

Errol Flynn Great House Castle Comfort

 Willard Hearne, a long time friend and sometime lover, couldn't believe his luck when Arnella fell for him. A former supermodel and heir to one of the biggest properties on the island of Jamaica, she was infatuated with the 56-year-old Rastafarian with matted dreadlocks and jaundiced eyes from years of smoking.

“Arnella Flynn was a very sweet girl, but she had a lot of problems,” Willard said, sitting on the deck of his jungle shack. “It is a shame she and her mother couldn't get along. Just days before Arnella died she got a letter from her mother’s attorney telling her she had to leave the Errol Flynn Estate, she was being kicked out. She told me she was sad because she had nowhere to go. Then three days later she was dead. I’ll miss her.”

Patrice Wymore Flynn had often tried to rein her in. She would cut off her finances in the hopes that she wouldn't be able to afford the one-pound-a-line of cocaine from the local dealers. But Arnella turned to selling her homegrown carrots and tomatoes on roadside stalls to tourists for cash. When that ran out, she took to stealing coconuts from her mother’s farm at Castle Comfort. For Arnella, told when she was a kid she would never want for anything, money still grew on trees. She was banished from the main house to a smaller, tatty house elsewhere on the estate.

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