Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Motorcycle Saddle Bag

PVC Motorcycle Saddle bag 
This saddle bag gives you a nice sleek look. The inside is lined with strong proven water resistant material to give extra durability. These bags can be zipped off. Saddle bag sets. You get quick release under the buckles making it easier and faster to open the bag. You cant' beat this classic look! 

Motorcycle Saddle bag

On a motorcycle, modern panniers are normally hard-shell cases mounted behind the seat and on either-side of the rear wheel, attached to a framework (which bolts to the motorcycle frame) known as a carrier. Modern panniers are made to be quickly-detachable.
Historically, the origins were in military use for dispatch riders, where soft, often canvas-type woven material bags were fitted to the motorcycle by rudimentary frames enabling the rider to carry documents securely. After hostilities ended, any left-over items including the motorcycles could be obtained from army-surplus depots, particularly after World War II during the 1950's when there was an increase in motorcycle use as a cheap form of transport
Saddle bags also are available as modern motorcycle accessories (similar to western saddlebags described above) to place across the rear portion of the motorcycle seat, making them quickly detachable. They can then be carried over the arm or shoulder of the rider.
Made of leather or vinyl (leather cloth or imitation leather) with stiffening, they are known as Throw-overs and come in different shapes and sizes to be used as travel luggage or a handy temporary container for items such as shopping.

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