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Justice Uriah Parnell

"Good sense makes Good Law".Justice Uriah Parnell

Justice Uriah Parnell

Senior Puisne Judge His Lordship Mr. Justice Uriah Parnell, "there is no property in a witness" and this simply means that Counsel for the Defense or Counsel for the Prosecution may seek to speak to or interview a witness for the 'other' side so long as he only seeks to get the full story but does not by any means seek to influence the witness for the 'other' side or to get him to change his evidence to be given in any way. 

Justice Uriah Parnell, "Justice is only reached when good common sense is applied in its dispensation". in a speech to the Jamaica Police Federation.


Rafic Warwar Murder Trial,

Judge Uriah Parnell"Rafic Warwar, the jury, having considered their verdict for one hour and 41 minutes according to my estimation, and having come to the conclusion that they have come to, namely, that you are guilty of murder, there is only one sentence which I can pass and that is the one authorized by law, and that is, that you suffer death according to law...

"This fine specimen of a policeman and the courage which he displayed should be recorded and should be noted and a grateful country should do something in his memory; if it is even to establish some scholarship or do something to perpetuate the memory of this policeman. And I believe that although I have not asked the jury, the jury joins with me in these sentiments on behalf of the public. Let the prisoner be taken away".


Justice Uriah Parnell, "it was quite obvious that an injustice takes place when an innocent man was found guilty,it is equally clear that an injustice is committed when the guilty goes free,".

 On July 10, 1978 Mr. Justice Uriah Parnell, began hearing Buck's election petition which was adjourned a year and five weeks later on August 17, 1979. In this election petition 31 witnesses were called, eight by Buck and 23 by Dr. King. It was the longest election petition in Jamaica's history lasting for 84 days.
Delivering his judgment on January 3, 1980, Mr. Justice Parnell declared Dr. King's election null and void.


Face of an angel, heart of a devil

Beverly Champagnie was a very attractive young woman; the type to make any man turn and take a second look but after what was unveiled before Mr Justice Uriah Parnell Sr Puisne Judge and a mixed jury in the Home Circuit Court Division of the Gun Court in 1979, after her conviction for accessory to murder, I overheard a member of the jury describe her as "a she-devil, seemingly coming out of the pits of hell, disguised as Snow White, and bringing with her all the venom to wipe out an entire nation".
 Order Of Jamaica to Justice Parnell

The honor of the Order of Jamaica (OJ) may be conferred upon any Jamaican citizen of outstanding distinction or upon any distinguished citizen of a country other than Jamaica (honorary member). A member of the Order is styled “Honorable” and the motto of the Order is “For a covenant of the People”.

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