Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mitch McConnell, Republican Party doing fine.

The truth, McConnell continued, was that the Republican Party was fine. “Don’t let anybody ever tell you Democrats have the upper hand on issues. I don’t care what the polls say.” while “It may not seem like it now,” he said, “but we’re actually winning.” 
Senator Mitch McConnell
Did Mitch McConnell spend the last few months on the Moon? the Republican Party got its clock cleaned on November 6th in an Election Mitch McConnell promised he would make President Barack Obama a one Term President.
The audience, kindly, declined to laugh. Few in America care more about the polls, or are better at reading them, then McConnell. But Senator Mitch McConnell can’t change the polls from the podium of CPAC. What he could do, maybe, was convince conservatives to prize unity over purity.
Americans do care about the Polls, after the elections that is how US citizens communicate with their elected officials on how they feel about the issues and try to influence their vote in congress. Mitch McConnell by saying, "I don’t care what the polls say” is now dismissive of Public opinion enforcing what he describe as holding onto conservative principles.

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