Thursday, November 15, 2012

Who is Errol Flynn?

Errol Flynn in an early Movie
After the death of her charming rogue of a husband, Patrice Wymore returned to Hollywood for a brief revival of her career during which time she appeared in "Ocean's Eleven" with Frank Sinatra. In 1967 she came back to Jamaica for good and soon became known for her skills at cattle farming, once even winning the title of Champion Farmer. Today she continues to operate Errol Flynn Estates breeding beef cattle and growing coconuts.

In a recent interview she confided that she's still here because, "the Jamaica I fell in love with as a young bride still exists in many ways (certainly not all), and it is the pull of the peace and tranquility that keeps me here."

Patrice Wymore Flynn still lives in Castle Comfort Portland Jamaica, she continues to manage her 19000 acre Errol Flynn Estates where she runs her cattle ranch. Mrs Flynn has never integrated in the local community where she lives, she continues after over 50 years isolated and is not well known. Her public appearances are limited to national events especially those honoring the legacy of her late husband.

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