Friday, November 9, 2012

Hurricane Sandy! Eight Days in the Dark

Light was a big relief, at some point along the way as I come home to darkness every day, I wonder if I would have electricity ever again. On Sunday on my way from work I drive through communities that showed steady progress, light was on where there were none the day before. My feeling of anticipation grew tonight as I get closer home, will this be the night for me? will have electric light tonight?. The indication of weather I have light would come soon as I make the left on the main cross street to my house.

Power lines downed by branches
There are 2 traffic lights before my block after I make the left, the first one had lights all through the aftermath of the storm the second, if the second light continues to be out then I would remain without light for the eight straight day and night. The cold and frustration were now seeping into my consciousness and and deep in my bones. As I made the left at first I avoided looking immediately at the light, I did not want to let go of the good feeling for those communities I passed that now had light. I imagined the feeling of those parents no longer seem to be failures to their children and those who depend on them they were now heroes of course at some point I had to really look at the light and when I did, I suddenly felt cold, I felt every energy drain from my body, my anticipation was shattered and disappointment engulf me, another night in the cold and dark. In the darkness of my room I asked, will I ever see light again. Placed on the passenger seat beside me was the headlamp I have been using for the past days. 

Huge Tree uprooted by hurricane Sandy.

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