Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Voting is a Right. Not a Crime!

Voting is a Right

Clear channel has decided to rescind the rental of its Billboards to an unnamed family after pressure from Bloggerythm and numerous other Publications Clear Channel has decided to do the right thing releasing this statement:-

In the wake of complaints that the billboards’ true purpose was to intimidate minority voters from casting fully legal votes, the billboards are now being pulled down. Clear Channel Outdoor, which rented the billboard space to an unnamed family foundation, explained that they decided to remove the billboards because they “violate our policy of not accepting anonymous political ads.” Clear Channel also agreed to donate 10 billboards that will display a counter-message clarifying that voting is a right and not a crime:

We have decided not to remove our original Blog but to acknowledge the actions taken by Clear channel attempting to right a wrong.

Clear Channel Billboard

This was one of the original Clear Channel billboard, residents and citizens of 3 Stated faced extreme intimidation with the existence of these Billboards. We applaud Clear channel for doing the right thing and hope the Citizens and voters of the communities affected feel some vindication as a result of these actions by Clear Channel.

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