Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mitt Romney does no even like the Bushes Dog!

On June 27, 2007, The Boston Globe reported that in 1983 the Romney family strapped the dog in a crate on the roof of the family station wagon and drove 12 hours from Boston to a lake house in Ontario. Somewhere along the way, poor Seamus soiled the crate and the car's back window. As The Globe reported it, Romney stopped at a gas station, hosed down Seamus and the car, put the dog back into the wind-protected kennel and drove on. 

Three days later, Globe reporter Michael Levenson wrote that "Time.com's swampland blog has been flooded with more than 300 comments from readers complaining of animal cruelty.

Bo welcome President Obama

Based on the behavior of previous four-legged White House occupants, it is hard to draw too many conclusions. During the George W. Bush presidency, Barney the Scottish terrier had his own Web page on www.whitehouse.gov (which he shared with the Bushes’ other dog, Miss Beasley , and showed his gratitude by biting a Reuters reporter during the administration’s waning days. Socks and Buddy, the Clinton's  cat and dog, drew enough mail that Hillary Rodham Clinton assembled a book of letters, though Socks’s nastiness to Buddy got him gifted to Betty Currie whenthe Clinton's left the White House.

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