Saturday, September 8, 2012

"Looking Ahead"

"Deny President Obama a second term in office"

Congress will come back to their Part Time Jobs this Monday, there is much work to do, it is high time congress stop concentrating on the President and start working for the American people. Since Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell declared on December 7th 2010 that his primary responsibility as leader of the senate is to, "deny President Obama a second term in office", a most preposterous statement by a Elected Leader in Government, the problem is Senator Mitch McConnell, you have been successful derailing the Presidents Jobs agenda but Americans will hold the Republicans accountable for their obstruction in the elections of November 6th.

 "Senator Mitch McConnell joined in the conspiracy cooked by elements in the Republican Party including Newt Gingrich, Leaders of the House Republicans, Republican Governors, Lobbyist, Leaders of the Business Community including Banking, elements of the Chamber of Commerce the night of the inauguration of President Obama not to support any Legislation Tabled by this President leaving him and his Legislative agenda mired in rising unemployment and 0 growth in the Economy and a failed Presidency". 

To his credit the President had Democratic Majorities in the Senate and house of representatives. The house of representatives with a democratic Majority was fine but the Presidents challenges was in the Senate where the Republicans killed the Presidents agenda with the Filibuster. Legislation after Legislation supporting the Presidents agenda were passed by the Democratic House of Representatives without support from Republican house members but were killed in the Senate through Senate Republican Filibuster

The real question with the Congress coming back to their Part Time Jobs $165.000.00 one hundred and sixty five thousand dollar a year Jobs is weather these Elected Public Servants will stop worrying about President Obama's Job and find a way to get millions of Americans working again. President Obama will face the electorate in 59 days and the American People will make the decision weather or not to rehire him as President he has his Job, "It is time congress fold up their sleeves light the Lantern and get to work doing what it takes to put Americans back to work. Congressional Republicans have 59 days to do what they have refused to do since November of 2010. There is a silence in the Electorate, if Congress does not act there will be Hell to pay at the Ballot Box".

Since December 7th 2010 after the mid Term elections the Minority leader of the Senate Republican Mitch McConnell  decided to punish unemployed Americans denying them the opportunity of having a Job in order that President Barack Obama loses his Elected Job.

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