Friday, July 20, 2012

"You People"

Ann Romney
"We have given all you people need to know and that's all you will be getting", Ann Romney speaking to Robin Roberts about her Husbands Tax Returns. Mitt Romney was not asked to run for the office of President of the United States he put himself forward claiming he is the best candidate because of his business experience.If successful and Mitt Romney become President he will be making policy determining when and under what circumstances US citizens Tax returns should be presented.

One of the long custom in vetting Presidential Candidates is that they declare their Tax Returns for a number of years. Mr Mitt Romney is a successful businessman, a part of that success comes from Tax breaks for investors and other preferences entrepreneurs enjoy when the invest in the United States Economy.

Having enjoyed the benefits of The United States Tax system and achieved Americans ultimate dream "wealth and lots of it" Mitt Romney now refers to The rest of Americans as, "you people" a condescending term reserved for minorities but now "you people" a term of endearment that separateness the American elite or 1% as exposed by Mrs Ann Romney.

I have been thinking about this. Saying "you people" to a white person does not seem any less racist than saying it to a black person or any other group.

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