Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mitt Romney will Not Repeal the, "Affordable Care Act"

Obama Care Act signed into Law

As Governor of Commonwealth of Massachusetts Mitt Romney had the vision to pass health care reform for all its Citizens. Mitt Romney health care at its inception increased the cost of health care as was expected, now that Mr Romney Health care has been fully implemented and 98% of the citizens of Massachusetts are covered by Mr Romney's health care the cost of Health care in the commonwealth is inching its way down and Massachusetts residents are some of the healthiest in the United States.

At its inception Mitt Romney thought Romney Care would be a model for the whole Country having the vision of health care cost going down because preventative care was a big part of the Romney Care Law. Most Private health care providers does not include preventative care in their plans and if they do these are the most expensive plans affordable by the majority of the public. 
  • Some of the many benefits of Romney Care are:-
  • early cancer screening
prostate exams Mental health, early childhood screening for kids, insurance companies in Massachusetts were no longer to limit patient care. This Romney health care over time was Mitt Romney's remarkable achievement as the Governor of the commonwealth of Massachusetts and was done with by-part-ism support of Republicans and Democrats.

Supreme Court Affordable Care Act, Constitutional! 

"The Affordable Care Act Passed by United States Congress and signed into Law By President Obama is now deemed Constitutional by the Supreme Court the highest Court in the Land will not be repealed by Mitt Romney should he become the President of the United States".

  • The "Affordable Care Act" or "Obama Care"is the single greatest achievement so far of the Obama Presidency and was the vision of Mitt Romney, should Mitt Romney become President he would share evenly the Legacy of Health Care reform in the United States. 

  • The second reason Mitt Romney Will not repeal the Affordable Care Act, Romney having brought universal health care to the people of Massachusetts will never want to be labelled for having taken away the possibility  of comprehensive Health Care from 44 Million Americans this would too dubious a label.
Lastly Mitt Romney will be mindful of his place on the pantheon of Presidential Club, Barack Obama will be in that Club for a long time and Mitt Romney if elected President will join that Club at some time. Wiping out Barack Obama's most important achievement will not be a easily forgotten fete.

Both leaders will be forever tied at the hip for having the genius of passing a Law that escaped other Presidents Republicans and Democrats a like for over 100 years.



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