Saturday, July 21, 2012

Free Stuff Mr Romney?

Depraved indifference is references is reserved for Minority audiences Newt Gingrich used those references  during his failed bid for the Republican Nomination for Presidency his most famous, "Barack Obama is the Food stamp President". When Newt Gingrich made these references Newt Gingrich knew there were more whites on Food Stamp than there were Blacks or Hispanics but he continued to make the point labelling minority including Black Folks dependent on food stamps.

Tell the truth what's in your Heart!

As Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney did not see ant Free Stuff  he would (providing Mr Romney thought at that time Federal Aid was free) what is evident Mitt Romney embraced all that was sent to his State as Pork Barrel Projects and even vigorously pushed for more Federal Funds.

One should not decry Mitt Romney for doing all he could to search for every Federal Aid of Federal Program to benefit his State. Mr Romney's State was his Family and it was his responsibility to fend for the citizens of the commonwealth of Massachusetts and he did that well. Mr Romney did not consider the Money through these Various programs Free Stuff and they were not free. Mitt Romney would argue the Commonwealth of Massachusetts sends Tax Dollars to Washington and these programs and Aid is a repatriation of those Tax Dollars.

Mitt Romney boast one of his proud achievement success of the winter Olympics where Mitt Romney lobbied the Federal Government and received $1.3 Billion dollars to help him succeed in bringing the Olympics to some semblance of success. Those $1.3 Billion Dollars was never considered Free Stuff while Mitt Romney was able to dole out those not free stuff to his friends in contracts.

Mitt Romney's rivals in the 2012 Primary has assailed his hypocrisy on his love for Free stuff,   GOP rival Rick Santorum also accused Romney Saturday of "hypocrisy" for raising the issue of earmarks given his record at the Olympics. The Romney campaign responded that Santorum was "shooting himself in the foot" over the issue. 
In recent weeks, Romney has portrayed himself as an uncompromising fiscal conservative and criticized Santorum for being a “strong defender” of federal earmarks. “Look, I’m in favor of a ban on earmarks,” Romney said during a recent interview on Sean Hannity’s television show. “I think spending in Washington is out of control.” Earmarks "Free Stuff" is what helped Mitt Romney to put a successful face on the Salt Lake City Olympics
In turning around the 2002 games, Romney got a big helping hand from U.S. taxpayers

Free Stuff. The federal government poured $1.5 billion into the Salt Lake games – more than twice the amount spent on any previous U.S. Olympics.
 Republican Sen. John McCain called it a “fleecing” of the U.S. Treasury. Mitt Romney did not see this as Free Stuff.
“The Olympic Games supposedly hosted and funded by Salt Lake City, which began in corruption and bribery, has now turned into is an incredible pork-barrel project for Salt Lake City and its environs.” McCain said in a Sept. 19, 2000, speech on the Senate floor. Senator John McCain is a current reluctant supporter of Mitt Romney for President.

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