Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Deafening Silence!

"The National Rifle Association cannot defend a AR7 Rifle as a recreation Firearm. 
Bloomberg advocate for aggressive Gun control Law.
A young man armed with an Assault weapon with a Magazine capable of carrying 42  Rounds of Ammunition walked business like into a Crowded Cinema in Aurora, Colorado released what is thought to be some kind of Chemical then raised his weapon and started wantonly shooting innocent citizens. Since the barrage of Gun fire stopped there has been, silence! a unbearable silence by the National Political Leaders in our Country and the National Rifle Association defender of Gun rights. The Lone recognizable voice to raise the Question of Gun Control is the Mayor of New York City, His Honor Mr Bloomberg,  Mayor Bloomberg's call for engaging the Country in a conversation is not new, but the mayor is no longer running for Public Office.

The organisation responsible for the shooting, the National Rifle Association has declined Public comment on the brutal slaughter of 12 innocent Citizens and various degrees of  injury to 59 other people. The injury is not only those physically inflicted by this 24 year old young man, the injury to the relatives including mothers and fathers, wives and girlfriends, sons and daughters, the immediate Aurora community and the further stain on this Nations  recklessness with guns. It  is evident that this has further imprisoned the citizens of this country not knowing, where and when it is safe for a family to spend an evening free of fear.

The National Rifle Association by its silence is admitting its Policy to put the false need for assault weapons as recreational firearm has caused serious harm to the Physic of this Nation. If the National Rifle Association thought Assault weapons in the hands of Citizens was a necessity for recreation they would be making Public statements condemning the use of Assault weapons in the Colorado Shooting. But their silence speaks Volume!

"The National Rifle Association cannot defend a AR7 Rifle as a recreation Firearm. The Leadership of the National Rifle Association is embarrassed by the most recent Colorado Massacre and in keeping with the 65% of Americans, must release your Republican congressional Captives to renew the Assault weapons Ban and support commonsense Firearm Legislation".

President Obama flew to Colorado to be with some victims of this horrific crime and their families, the minimum a President could do under the circumstances, granted the President is also running for  re-election. This President has not shown the kind of Leadership expected on the matter of Gun Control even after the Gabby Gifford shooting. Mitt Romney who singed into Law an Assault Weapons ban while Governor of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts walked back his unyielding support for this courageous Law now that he is running for President as the Republican candidate.

The NRA will continue its happy dance avoiding questions until Americans forget this horrific crime committed at the hand of someone who purchased Firearm and Ammunition's without a trace.

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