Friday, May 4, 2012

"Target Closes Store to Kill Union Action"

Target Violated Federal Labor Law

While the Nation await the final ruling of the Federal Judge at the National Labor Relations Board Target elect to close the Valley Stream Target Store that is in dispute. Target operates over 1400 Stores in the United States and is in the process of claiming international Retail Market Share with its purchase of over 100 Zellers Store's in Canada.

The Canadians at Zellers  who follow the developments through a community website set up by United Food and commercial Workers International Union  to highlight plight of the workers at the Target Valley Stream Store and Target corporation in general.

One of the things Zeller's workers should be fore warned is that nothing should be taken for granted and do not believe your government the Union or most of all Target Corporation.Get real legal representation, do not allow Target to make promises they will not over time keep. Target will lie to you, get your trust and then take the rug from under your feet.

Ten months ago Target ensured the workers at the Target valley stream store that under no circumstances would the Corporation close the Store and today the valley stream Target Store is Closed and the workers who participated in trying to have Union Representation have been fired by Target. These actions were not taken by Target in a vacuum, this is retaliation they were done to send the clear message to Target workers that anyone who even attempt to seek legal representation will be dealt with ferociously by Target Corporation.

Corporations like Target are now insulated from Government actions even the Federal Court as seen in this action by Target. The matter of the Valley Stream Target Store is Still before the National Labor  Relations Board a federal Court and Target upended the Courts decision and close the store. There was testimony before the Court by Target Corporation that the Company had no intention to close the Store. Target operates over 1400 Stores ac cross the United States and over the past 3 years the Target Corporation have expanded or improved about 50% of those Stores to accommodate its new Pfresh  expansion.

Target is now using Pfresh expansion as a justification for the closure of the Target Valley Stream Store. In testimony before the National Labor  Relations Board Target failed to disclose their intention to close the Valley Stream Store. On April 29th when the Valley Stream Store was Closed Target still did not have the relevant Building Permits to start the expansion they claim they intend to do. Target does not operate like that, this is an efficient company and would not close a store for expansion without relevant Building Permits in hand."The Valley Stream Target Store was closed to bring the death Nail of the Union action to an end and send a message to Target workers we will do whatever it takes to keep Unions out of our Stores" a pledge that Target has always held dear.

The Valley Stream Target Store Gross over $2,000,000 million Dollars in weekly Sales Target Corporation is willing to Sacrifice those sales to Break the Union action and they have done that by closing the Store. The action of Target is representative of the other retailers like Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe's and all the other Big and small retailers who decides, "the rights that workers have is what they the Corporations allow them".

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