Sunday, March 18, 2012


Target Valley Stream Store Closing its Doors 
This Wednesday Executives of Target Corporation from their Minneapolis Headquarters Visited the Valley Stream Target Store Handing out Lay off Letters to selected Team Members. These Team members  Supported or participated in the recent effort to Unionize the Team at this Valley Stream Target Store recently.

These Team members also supported the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) as witnesses in the Boards case against Target Corporation now before a Law Judge in Brooklyn Court and awaiting his decision.

In its case before the Law Judge The NLRB presented evidence that as part of Targets effort to convince the Team not to vote for the Union, Target threatened it would "close the store" if the Union won support for the Team.The notice served on these Team Members explained that the Store is being closed to accommodate expansion and improvement to the facilities. Target is currently expanding its Existing Stores adding its extended Market Pfresh to all its Locations. Target operates over 1800 Stores throughout the United States, The initial roll-out of PFresh included about 100 stores. Most of these were existing stores that remodeled and expanded space to accommodate the new grocery layout, but some newly built stores that opened in 2009 incorporated the new format as well. 

Target corporation and Target Stores has perfected the construction of these expansions without Store closure. The notice of Lay off to certain Team members of the Valley Stream Target Store is unprecedented, no Target Team member has ever been laid off at a Target Store before for purposes of construction. This would be the most interesting fact to be put before the Law Judge who is now considering the evidence presented to him in the recent  trial of Target corporation and Target Valley Stream Store on the various violations of New York State and Federal Labor Laws during the Recent UFCW Local 1500  effort to Unionize Team members at the Valley Stream Target Store.

Target Corporation and Target Valley Stream Store by choosing to close the Store while 
legal remedy is being considered by a Law Judge seem to be over reach by this major 
corporation. The Law Judge must be extremely impressed that while he is considering a decision 
in the case against Target Corporation and Target Stores Valley Stream the company has put itself 
above the Law and determining its own remedy to be, "its Scorched Earth Policy" of wiping out the 
Team Members who think Union representation would given them a chance for better pay and 

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