Tuesday, November 1, 2011

MIDDLE CLASS forced into New Posture

 From 26% unemployment or under employment, one trillion dollars in student Loans due, unprecedented Home foreclosure, Wall Street and the Banks praying on the public.
Middle class under attack

There are two Classes of workers in America  the middle Class the real growth engine of the economy and and the investor Class with access to capital who claim by some to be the,  "Job Creators". Today the middle class is in disarray and without Jobs medical coverage and loosing their homes. The Job Creators are sitting on the sidelines with over Three trillion dollars in Cash  complaining that there is too much uncertainty so the environment is not conducive to investment. The continued growth of the stock market and Corporate America reporting Record Profits debunk that myth and does not represent a poor investment climate. Ronald Reagan began to destroy the Middle Class in the 1980s attacking unions and any means of representation the middle Class had by the arbitrary firing of Air Traffic controllers who were exercising their legitimate right to strike.
. The tearing down of the middle class exploded after the 2010 Congressional and Local Elections effected by newly elected Republican Governors, Democrat Governors in conservative States and Republicans in congress and the Senate under the Phony Banner of balancing State Budgets. With forceful Legislative actions like those taken in the States of Wisconsin by Governor Scott walker and Ohio By Governor John Kasic.These Governors while taking benefits from Public sector workers gave enormous Tax cuts to the millionaires who funded their Elections.

Middle Class under Attack

The attack on Unions, and union representation of Public sector employees was orchestrated after the 2010 elections spearheaded by Republican Governors. The arguments proffered by these Republican Governors was more  a grudge of Public sector benefit  rather a tangible effort to fix the their various State Economy, this done at a time when their States economy needed Jobs and public investment. It is pertinent for States to balance their budget but the time when the national and States economy's is suffering a deep crippling recession, why is it necessary for States to carry surpluses in their state Budgets?. shouldn't States be investing every dollar to spur Growth and expand their economy? rather than hoarding large piles of cash to show a surplus.

Governor Kasich of Ohio and Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin the two notables have done a good Job bringing back interest in unions and giving this generation a second look at how the can benefit from them. Rather than negotiating reasonable give backs from Public sector unions by bringing everyone to the table, through their States legislative process passed Laws denying workers rights the have enjoyed for over thirty years. These unprecedented reforms the Wisconsin and Ohio undertook have been or will be short lived with enormous Public outcry at a time when the middle class  were under severe financial stress and needed basic protection from their government.The maxim, "government by the people for the people was replaced by, government for a political ideology protecting the rich at the expense of the poor and middle class".

Public Response

The Public outcry in Wisconsin resulted recall Elections with a number of newly elected Republican State Senators who supported the so called reforms loosing their Senate seats. In similar Public demonstration in Ohio supported by unions and other progressive interests and the Bill passed by the Ohio now up for repeal in upcoming elections. Governor Kasich under extreme pressure to repeal the whole Bill failed to convince interested parties Unions and public sector workers to return to the the bargaining table to accept a partial repeal. This unpopular bill will face the electorate soon, the Governors faces an uncertain future depending on the result.

Other States facing financial difficulties New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts took the more reasonable approach expected of a democracy by adjoining with public sector unions and negotiated very difficult givebacks some temporary but avoided the kind of disruption, demonstration and public outcry experienced in Wisconsin and Ohio. While these negotiations were tough and with resistance amicable solutions were reached, result minimum loss of jobs and State workers educated through their unions the sacrifices were necessary.  

Another emerging result of the heavy handedness of the actions of State Governors in Ohio and Wisconsin is, "Occupy Wall Street" what the media called at its inception as misdirected group with no real agenda is emerging as the, "Power House for Change". This movement unlike the civil rights movement while progressive in nature is not currently aligned  Political party is morphing into something big and speaking to some concern of every American. Rep Erik Cantor would be foolish to think when American Citizens petition their Government by peaceful means they are thugs but support Iranian people rising up against their Government.

The Real Issues

There is a not so common saying, "when the Lion is sleeping don't try to wake him" the American people is the Lion that has been sleeping since Ronald Reagan started deregulation and tried dismantle Unions in the 1980s, well that Lion the American people is now awake with tools no one had before and real serious concerns to be addressed. From 26% unemployment or under employment, one trillion dollars in student Loans due, unprecedented Home foreclosure, Wall Street and the Banks praying on the public, Corporate America Refusing to reinvest in America while making huge profits, Corporate America refusing to repatriate profits made on research and development made by Tax Payers Money, the greatest number of Americans on Food Stamp, over 50 million American without health care, a President who has done some good things but has failed communicate and have the country participate in the discussions and a Congress protecting the most fortunate in the society telling Americans who suffer the most, "You are on your Own".
The New Middle Class Posture

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