Friday, November 4, 2011

Why Occupy Wall Street?

New York City Park
A College Student walking in a New York City Park Stopped by New York City Police department could not produce an ID handcuffed and thrown in Jail for 2 days as reported by Yahoo News This sounds like Iran or North Korea and not New York and the United States of America. We just had 2 US citizens released from Iran Jails and had to pay $500.000.00 each. I wonder how much this Student in NY will have to pay. We just had a NYPD Captain docked 10 days vacation pay for Pepper spray of "Occupy wall Street Protestors" and coolly transferred home to Staten Island as reward for that infraction. Mr Mayor! it is High time this Madness Stop! we cannot be sending our military to Irag, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and all the other places to die protecting Freedom while NYC Law Enforcement abuse our Citizens Freedom Here in the USA! The question is, are we at the point in New York City, where, if criminals dont get you or make you uncomfortable the New York City Police Department Will?.

When the protest in  Zuccotti Park "Occupy Wall Street" started the media was dismissive that the group did not have a clear agenda and it would end in failure. The group over time proved that there was much more to the protest than just the focus on Corporations having been bailed out by the Government return to solvency and now refusing to reinvest in the country and create jobs. Neither was it just the Major Banks who took serious risks with investors money, determine their own guaranteed Salaries and Bonuses backed by Boards of these institutions that consist of their friends. Neither was it the banks who got loads of money to lend to small business but hold onto these funds and are now implementing the most stringent requirements for small Businesses to qualify for these Loans, leaving small businesses with little or no operating credit. Neither was it the corrupt Credit Reporting Agencies that allowed some companies to be able to purchase the credit Ratings that favor them but went after middle class Families with a Guillotine using errors in credit report to lower credit scores.

Occupy Wall Street is all the above and more, this has been coming for a long time. In the most suttle way the rights of our citizens has been piece by piece removed from them. Police brutality and police heavy handedness since 911 have been wrapped in, "necessary to protect the Citizens from Terrorism".

Banks through over the past 10 years have unleashed themselves on their middle class customers charging exorbitant fees the most Gory is a $30:00 fee by Bank Of America to cash a check for a customer who has an existing Account. $35.00 fee for a Bank Transfer of $40.00 in the United States, $35.00 fee for a Certified Check all these transactions can be done at a Western Union for $10.00 or less. Before Technology all these transactions were done at the nominal fee of $5.00 and now with advanced technology these transactions cost 700% higher. The thing is only the middle class and the Poor pay these fees as the rich, "god bless them" are offered all kinds of silver, gold and diamond account and protection from these fees. There are middle class families that are entitled to these accounts and fees waved providing you have your Mortgage and a checking account with the Bank but most of these Customers are not told. This is why we need an effective Consumer Protection Agency.

This latest infraction By the New York Police Department and the foregoing only fan the flame of "Occupy Wall Street". Some years Ago I was on my way to Canada for a weekend vacation, presenting my necessary documents complete to Immigration at the Border. The Officer began asking some questions I thought unnecessary, I protested, I was then told if I didn't want to answer these Questions, "I should not come Canada because no one invited me". The office was so wrong I was invited by the, "Canadian department of interior in all kinds of advertisements telling me Canada was a great place for Vacation" and I should visit. Since then I have not been back to Canada.

If New York City Police Department continues to wantonly Pepper Spray Peaceful demonstrators while exercising their right. Arresting visitors and students without an ID when reasonable steps are available to resolve minor infractions, there are other Cosmopolitan City's people would want to visit and feel safe not from Criminals but the Police. "Occupy Wall Street" will be around for a long time, people will want to reverse this nation to the Home of the free.

Zuccotti Park

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