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Having sex and making Love - Dating websites

I now know it doesn't work that way!

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Don't fail to say am sorry

Speak with your mouth, not with your body or the things you do, prepare to be confrontational " let that someone know what you feel! that you feel and how you feel. Remind that someone to say, am sorry! and don't fail to say am sorry too being in Love is a serious thing. It is an Interview for a serious undertaking that will affect every facet of your life, the best outcome could be lifelong and how you start could determine how and where you end up in life.

Demand I love you, from your man.

Say, I love you every time and demand I love you back from your man. It reminds him, it reminds you, your relationship is about Love. Just as when a man says I love you, you think about it all day long, it works the same way with your man. It makes him want to come home, he want to nurture those words he want to hear them again and again.

 Making Love replenishes your relationship,

Love nourishes the mind body and soul
The words "I love you" does not come easy for a man, most times he say, "I love you" out of expectation rather than wanting to do it. For men I love you is a commitment, it is the next thing say, it is the next step forward in a relationship. Men do like commit themselves until they want to, not because the have to. Men need to be practiced how to express what they feel  Have less sex! Find time to make Love, more often! big difference! Making Love replenishes your relationship, making Love satisfies and nourishes the mind body and soul. Making Love is the physical affirmation why you are together over and over again. The satisfaction of making Love lends itself to allow and overcome difficult conversation and solutions are easily achieved. life will seem to get better everyday. Love Babe!

People who are in Love have sex too

Having sex and making Love are two distinct different things, Sex satisfies an emotional and physical arousal a burst of adrenalin. This could be the result of affection through touching, admiration, or other physical contact, when we loose sight of these feelings and circumstances things can go off the rails and go wrong, this is not Love. It takes time to bring ourselves to understand what happened and accept the fact we were just involved in a sexual intercourse however satisfied and rewarding it was we must move on however difficult it is. People who are in Love have sex as well, yes! and its important. Making love takes time, its like preparing a good meal, and that takes time, the ingredients are important. People who are in love sometimes are busy and do snack and having sex then is like snacking on your favorite thing. Having sex for people in love is and keeping the fire burning is a wonderful experience for them its called catching up. When sex ends you can put your clothes on and say goodbye and wait for the next time.

A sexual partner is someone you have sex with

Often there is grave misunderstanding about having a sexual partner and being in love, a sexual partner is someone ( friend with benefit) with whom you have sex, like to spend time, and yourself together without commitment. When sexual partners are new to each other, emotions get involved and they will always do. For some women this could more difficult than others, especially after an orgasm the ultimate satisfaction for a woman. Studies have shown for some women orgasm are rare during sexual intercourse. Some women have gone through their whole life without an orgasm, spending their whole life with the same person having children and never been sexually satisfied. The more serious part of this is that her Partner have no idea this is going on, they never spoke about it, the woman lives in that darkness unsatisfied always taken to the cliff sexually and left there high wondering whats next!. She live in self inflicted misery unable to express her feelings trying save her partners ego, he having failed to meet her expectations over and over again.

Making love to that someone embodying all your dreams

Looking at your beautiful body touching
Having love and making love is the ultimate human satisfaction, love the true feeling that embodies the mind, body, soul, nature, the future the dream of love fulfilled and unfulfilled. Love is what every man and woman think about and wonder, is there my love somewhere?always wanting to experience love. Love is what we think about when we gaze at the stars. love is the imagined and unimagined as the world turn around us wanting to share our thoughts, the thought, at that moment. 

Love is looking yonder on the beach into the blue sky as it touches the sea, at the churning waves as they then disappear on the sand and can only let that experience disappear in your thoughts. Love standing naked in front of the mirror looking at your beautiful body touching and wanting to be touched hoping that, that someone was there, and be touched. 

Love is watching flowers burst through their buds at springtime and their petals morph into beautiful bunches, the beautiful scents of lilies escape into the fresh air and wanting to ask, how beautiful is that smell? and no one is there to ask. Love watching birds kissing on the branches or tending their mate or animals affectioning each recognizing they are in love! you wonder and ask, where is my love?. Love is having that someone, making love to that someone embodying all your dreams the smells, the waves, the stars, the birds, the animals,and their dreams too. 

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