Monday, November 21, 2011

Have less sex! Find time to make Love!

I Love You

I could have said everything you did except the part of turning to another man that is not in my heart and that that would be scary. The relationships have had in the past were always led by the best of me, the most common thing about them, I was always with, "someone I love rather than someone that Loves me" that is a conscious decision we make internally its the person we feel right about.

The person we wait for rather than the person who came waiting for us.The person we want rather the person who want us, its scary think slowly think!. I am a Virgo as you are, we live by OUR heart rather than someone else's heart say, we do the right thing because its the right thing to do and think the right thing will be done in return.

I now know it doesn't work that way, "start living for your Hear! not with your heart, let your heart speak and not what you do" let that someone know what you feel and how you feel. Remind that someone, you did not say am sorry and don't fail to say am sorry too. Say I Love you every time and demand I love you back. It reminds him, it reminds you, your relationship is about Love. Have less sex! Find time to make Love, more often! big difference! Making Love replenishes your relationship it satisfies and nourishes the mind body and soul. It is the physical affirmation why you are together over and over again. It lends itself to allow difficult conversation and solutions are easily achieved. life will seem to get better everyday. Love Babe!

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