Sunday, October 30, 2011

Success! an Accident or Tested and Proven Plan?

Steve Jobs, successfully changed the world.
There are people who claim to have succeeded through accident, that mean they were exposed to an opportunity, and took Action. By taking action they exposed themselves to Failure, then success did not come by accident but by taking action. We should never consider this the formula for success, given the fact 6 out of every 10 new business fail within the first year. This sobering statistic should not should not discourage us from being the successful person you should be, rather finding out what successful people do to succeed most times, following a tested and proven plan.

Our problem in our other attempts is that we are blazing our own trail to success, not knowing what successful people are doing, not really knowing what it is that made them successful, we are not following a tested and  proven plan, then each of our our persuits come to a painful and dead end. May be yours have too.

 You have tried and failed and is afraid ever to try again. The hard fact, if we dont try again we will never succeed. The true fact is, Failure grooms us for Success, providing we are willing to lean from those failures. To succeed we must try again with the determination to work smarter, with a Tested and Proven plan.

Take a look at the people who have been successful, you will find that they also have failed before, most times several times before they succeed and that's not uncommon. Another fact, everyone has experienced Failure. If you show me someone who hasn't experienced Failure, I'll show you ten who have never accomplished anything worth while in life. Another fact, only those who never try, never fail. It is better to fail while trying, than excel at doing nothing. Use each failure as a lesson , people who have no failures have few successes as well. If you experienced failure dont see it as a bad thing , learn from it, use it for future success.

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