Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Butt Out , This is my Life the one I know!

Children need to be held and comforted
 It has become near impossible to continue to influence our child or children as they grow, one of the first things a baby does is challenge its Parents or those who are designated to care for it. Babies today are now left to fend for themselves earlier than ever, first Propping up a bottle on a pillow allowing them to feed themselves without being not noticed by the Parent or care giver. What is not being noticed is this child eyes follow Parent or care giver as they walk away reaching for the attention they think they deserve. It is said, the child's Brain develop 300 times faster from Birth to the age of six years old, faster than any other time in their life.

The child is now left to mechanical toys, sound from any sorts of Electronic Toys and implements attached to their surroundings to entertain and create their environment. There are all sorts of comforts being manufactured to make our Kids comfortable and they really do but they also separate us from those wonderful human contact that these Baby's became became accustomed to while they were carried by their mothers for 9 months huddled in their Bodies.

It is a grave shock to these Babies to find as soon as they are born they loose the warmth and feel of  these comforts and having to now fend for themselves once they loose the comforts of the womb. In any given day a Child/Baby would not have spent more than minutes being held in the arms of a Parent or care giver. The most personal and loving thing that a mother does for a child is Breast Feed. Breastfeeding is where a Mother develops their first Personal relationship with their child, it is where their first conversation takes place the first smile, where the mother gets comforted and the child feels love and contentment. This act of breast feed then is good for both mother and child creating the long term bond that usually shape the mother and child relationship of the future.

Left to their own, a child will not go toward wisdom naturally. They must be mentored through boundaries, these boundaries best begin when being held, breastfed, comforted to sleep, sang to,read to it teaches them the wisdom needed to function well with others. The second is that a child who is not lovingly but firmly raised, separated from their Parents in strollers, in Cribs, with mechanical implements to find their own comfort grow apart form the their Parents with these boundaries and their own environment at such an early age.These boundaries brings many uncomfortable and even damaging relationships for their parents and those around them. When our children are raised with many or few of these boundaries they cannot celebrate with their Parents the wisdom that they helped them to be prepared for the many challenges ahead.

Result, this separation continues as our children grow, it become even wider as they approach preteen where in a modern society games and toys become more available therefore  the cornerstone of their existence. Parents start asking uncomfortable questions of themselves, where did I go wrong? my child dont even talk to me! they are either on the phone or playing games! I do not know whats going on in their life. This is my life the one I know!

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