Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blowing of the Abeng

Abeng, Bull Horn Primed with liquid for Sound.
Blowing of the Abeng, Ambassabeth Cabins in Bowden Pen, Portland The blowing of the Abeng, the traditional "war horn" of the maroons and the beating of the Gumbay drum, highlighted activities at the annual celebrations of the maroons in observance of Emancipation day 2011.

"The Emancipation Act was read to the slaves on the 31st of July in 1838, so there was a Proclamation which was read at midnight by the then Governor, which said to slaves: 'you are now free' and so the vigil is a re-enactment of that day,"

With 176 years since slavery was officially abolished in Jamaica, the celebratory atmosphere that existed, in the hours leading up to Emancipation Day (August 1) is still kept alive through the yearly staging of Emancipation anniversary vigils island-wide.

 Come out and visit our recreational areas in Blue and John Crow Mountains, National Park such as Holywell, Blue Mountain Peak Trail and Portland Gap as well as Upper Rio Grande Valley. Deeply rich in both natural and cultural heritage, a visit to BJCMNP will allow you to experience the true beauty of Jamaica's natural flora and fauna as well as reflect on the unique traditions and cultural practices of the communities who live and work around the park.

Indulge in a number of different activities including guided tours, hiking trails, bird watching, camp grounds and even picnicking spots to learn about Jamaica's wildlife and understand what it is that we strive so hard to protect!

Bowden Penn is at the foot Hills of the John Crow mountains between Portland and St Thomas.The Ambassabeth Cabins is a privately owned Bed and Breakfast or long term accommodation. Cabins are made of Authentic wood and Bamboo designed to replicate the original huts of the Maroons but with some modern facilities.

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