Saturday, October 22, 2011

"Another Song of Freedom"

Freedom of a Community to Gather on Independence Day 2009, Free of Fear.

Freedom is courage to accept ourselves for who we are, freedom to appreciate that we may be a bunch of flaws, stitched together with good intentions that deserves love exactly as we are. Freedom means the freedom to see and recognize beauty in others without feeling the pain of our own perceived inadequacies or the resentment for someone else being different. Freedom is, accepting that we have a beautiful soul that isn't limited by labels. Labels like, Beautiful body , Educated, pretty, clever, fit, talented and artistic. Be courageous, because we deserve the freedom to be the wonderful soul we really are, rather than our society's interpretation of what we should be. Freedom is, to be the responsible Citizen of a  Nation, respecting the right of  each other to live Free of fear. Freedom is, our ability to see each other as equal rather than someone affixed with Political Labels that impinges us the acceptance, we want the same thing, a better Nation for us and our children.  Freedom to be you!

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