Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eyes but cannot See and Ears but hear not

Hurricane Sandy

I truly believe Michele Bachmann was right the Hurricane was a message from God only that she read it wrong. The message was this, and it came to pass,"Ye Republicans you have won an extension of the Bush Tax cut for another 2 years for the richest in our country. In turn you approved 13 weeks unemployment benefits and $1000 Payroll cut for the most vulnerable in our Country.

And it came further to pass ye, Republicans fought  President Obama vociferously to cut all safety net created to Protect the most vulnerable while fighting for more tax break for the Job creators who even under President Bush refuse to create one new Job while shipping Jobs abroad and creating offshore accounts to protect their wealth, my Social conservative Brethren who Pray to me every day, remember I came to Protect the weak, feed the hungry, clothe the naked and heal the sick, aren't those the things I ask of you?.
Ye, my  Social Conservative and Republican Brethren do not want to spend money to stimulate the Economy and Protect the Poor, give Jobs to the Jobless, I will have to take things into my own hands. I will warn you with an Earthquake and then a week later I will send an Hurricane called Irene to cause Floods, wash away Old Bridges, Remove old Roads, destroy infrastructure, wash away houses, Flood Homes  that my servant Obama  has been warning about that need to be fixed". Then ye Republicans through your servant Michele Bachmann see this as a sign not to spend Money exactly what am ordering you to do.

I warn you Republicans you will have to spend money for these repairs, this will stimulate the Economy bring Jobs to people that need them This will help to bring the Economy through the lingering recession there will be growth and you will receive some credit if not I will use my Rod and if you think Irene was Bad ye my Social Conservative  and Republicans vengeance is mine.

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