Sunday, July 10, 2011

Guide To Family Re-Union

Family Rafting on the Rio grande
Most Families discuss family reunions when they Gather at Funerals, Christmas Dinners or thanksgiving those soon become only discussions that never happen. In this global community the logistics involved in getting all Family members together always appear impossible. The truth is,  it is impossible to get all the relatives in one place all at he same time.

To overcome these obstacles I have discussed this in a lengthy article at at my website www, ,my family since 1984 have had a family reunion the last week July through the first week of August. It is always difficult for everyone to be there at this by-annual event however this event has never been postponed since its inception.

In its 27 years this re-union has only helped us to strengthen and hold our family together. Our Celebrations this year will be the biggest in its history family members will travel from all over the world to be there at our Family Home in Islington, Portland, Jamaica one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Our website  reflects our extremely proud family the,"celebration of our Past and the optimism of the future".

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