Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chris Blackwell Jamaica

The view  Blue Mountain Peaks from Strawberry Hill.

Blackwell currently runs Island Outpost, which he set up to operate and market a group of elite resorts in Jamaica and the Bahamas, including Strawberry Hill in the Blue Mountains (where Marley recovered after being shot in 1976), Jake's in
Treasure Beach, The Caves in Negril, and the recording studio and private hotel Gee-jam near Port Antonio, where artists such as Gwen Stefanie and No Doubt, Drake and Gorillaz have recorded. Island Outpost also owns The Tides and The Marlin in Miami Beach, Florida.

Blackwell has long owned Goldeneye in Oracabessa, the previous home of Ian Fleming, where the author wrote all the James Bond books. Until his death, Fleming was the longtime lover of Blackwell's mother, Blanche.Blackwell developed the property into a community of villas and beach cottages, each with its own private access to the sea, and Golden eye is considered the most exclusive of the Island Outpost resorts.

Blackwell is involved in a number of philanthropic organizations. Among these are Island ACTS, the Oracabessa Foundation, the Mary Vinson Blackwell Foundation, and the Jamaican Conservation Trust.
In 2003, Blackwell launched the Golden eye Film Festival, which continues to be held annually at the resort.

In September that year, Blackwell received the coveted Jamaican Musgrave Medal, awarded to Jamaicans who excel in the arts, music and public service. In 2004, the Order of Jamaica was bestowed upon Blackwell for philanthropy and outstanding contribution to the entertainment industry.

In April 2009, the UK magazine Music Week named Blackwell the most influential figure in the last 50 years of the British music industry.

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