Friday, July 8, 2011

"Bob's whole life is about Africa, it is not about Jamaica." Rita Marley

Bob Marley Legalize it
Rita Marley planned to have the body of her late husband, Bob Marley, exhumed and buried in Ethiopia, his "spiritual resting place" in 2005. She wanted it to be a month long celebration of what would be his 60th birthday. The area in which she wanted to bury him was a Rastafarian community that was given land by the country's last emperor, Haile Selassie. She claimed to have the backing of the Ethiopian government and said "We are working on bringing his remains to Ethiopia. It is part of Bob's own mission. Bob's whole life is about Africa, it is not about Jamaica. How can you give up a continent for an island? He has a right for his remains to be where he would love them to be. This was his mission. Ethiopia is his spiritual resting place. With the 60th anniversary this year, the impact is there and the time is right.

The remains of Bob Marley being repatriated to Ethiopia underscores the thinking of those who would have given this idea the slightest thought. Bob Marley is by far the most noble and recognized symbol in modern Jamaican History by far. There is nothing that the world recognizes Jamaica with as the Music with of Bob Marley.

The Legacy of Bob Marley should be developed to Become the National Symbol he is, sites of his early upbringing Trench Town, The Studio where he recorded his first song, the Trench Town Play field where he played Football should becomee the Bob Marley walk to fame. The current Museum at 56 Old hope Road in Kingston is too Small, the Building should Be replicated and relocated at his Burial site where there is adequate land for expansion.

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